Are Lawyers Really As Bad As Their Reputation?


It seems like every other joke you hear is about lawyers and how truly “scummy” they are. And all you have to do is change the channels of your TV during prime time to see at least one show focusing on lawyers doing sneaky or not so legal things. But are lawyers really that bad? Are they really “blood sucking, bottom feeders” as so many people call them? Are they truly liars and cheats? I do not think so.

Lawyers have gotten the reputation that they have as a whole because there are unfortunately quite a few who have done some underhanded things to get what they want. However, those lawyers are the exception, not the rule. There are many dedicated civil servants that work tirelessly and mercilessly to get their client the best outcome possible. That means a lot of research, a lot of negotiating, and a lot of thinking outside of the box. That also means long hours, takeout food, and little to no personal time. In short, that means, dedication.

Remember, with anything, there are always three sides to every story. Your story. The other person’s story. And the truth. Lawyers simply take advantage of this fact. They allow themselves to interpret various laws and statutes in multiple ways in order to best serve their clients. However, finding loopholes and ways around certain legal predicaments is not a crime, nor should it be looked down upon.

Lawyers are quite impressive

They are constantly striving to find legal ways to get their clients what they need. They set precedents, they fight for people’s rights, and they give voices to little people who would otherwise go unheard.

Many people feel lawyers charge too much for their services, but you must remember what goes along with their services. You get hours of research, brain power, and negotiating. You get a true advocate who is on your side no matter what and who will fight for you until they can fight no more.

Lawyers are held to a code of ethics that is quite high. In fact, if a lay person were held to a similar code of ethics, they probably would not be able to stick to it. The various Bar Associations make sure that the lawyers meet their criteria on a regular basis and hold the representatives of their associations to a strict code of conduct.

Being a lawyer, being a truly successful and honest lawyer, takes dedication, time, and passion. The law is not something that you do, but rather, something that you live and breathe. A good lawyer would never consider twisting or degrading the law, which they stand for, in order to get the outcome that they want; no matter how much they may feel their client deserves it.

Though there are definitely some shady lawyers that deserve to be labeled as such, it is such a shame that a few dishonest and unscrupulous people have tarnished the reputation of an entire profession.

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