5 Free QR Code Generators

A QR code (stands for “Quick Response”) is a two-dimensional barcode that is readable by a smartphone reader. It allows you to encode over 4000 characters including contact information, plain text, website URLs and email addresses as well. The versatile two-dimensional barcode pretty much used for alphanumeric data by business firms and peoples for marketing purposes.

Often asked why to choose QR Code? QR Code gains popularity as it provides more security features than any others. Once a QR code generator generates the digital content can’t be changed. It’s also more commonly known as Dynamic QR Code. There are numerous websites and mobile apps which allows the surfers to generate QR Code online. Without wasting more time, let’s check out 5 Free Code Generators.

1. ForQRcode


The ForQRCode is completely free online QR Code generator. It makes your personal QR Code with quality as EPS, PNG, and SVG. ForQRCode generator is carrying the fully responsive design which is always ready to view on any device. There is no need to sign up or sign in to generate any type of QR Code.


* Supports URLs, E-mails, plain text, Location, Link, SMS, Call, V-Card, Wifi and PayPal details.

* Customized background and foreground color.

* Allows uploading picture.

* Optional feature to add watermark.

2. GoQR Code Generator

goQr.me, generate a QR code by typing supportive data and can download in vector graphics EPS or SVG and a high-resolution PNG. The generator is also free but also have an option for paid premium services.


* It supports GeoLocation, Plain Text, URL, V-Card, SMS, Call, E-mail, Wifi, and Events.

* Allows uploading logo.

* GoQR encrypts the data during transmission

* Formally Store Information in black colored and
white dots.

* GoQR can produce colored QR Code as well.

3. QR Code Generator

Qr-code-generator.com is special online QR Code generator for converting and saving QR Codes different kind of information into two-dimensional dynamic QR code. It takes fewer seconds to create a free QR Code. A list of ever stunning features can be unlocked with sign up.


* Choose data from a variety of available options; URL, V-Card, SMS, Text, Call, PDF, Facebook, and MP3.

* Allows creating QR Code for MP3, Images, and Multi URL after registration.

* Customize option, whether to create static QR code or Dynamic.

4. QR Stuff


Qrstuff.com is also listed in top 5 free QR Code Generators. It is widely used as free QR code generator and online QR Code creator. It responds quickly to generating QR Code to print it on a t-shirt or to add it on a product. It can be easily readable via smartphone reader.


* Huge list of Data type including URL, YouTube video, Image file, PDF file, Google Maps, iTunes Link, social media’s profile and Status.

* Allows creating dynamic and static QR Code.

* Subscribers will specify the color, image size, and other features.

5. QR Code Monkey

QR Code Monkey enables you to create QR code with logo and can customize the color and size. It can be downloaded in SVG, EPS and PDF formats.


* Allows only URL data

* Custom background and foreground colors picking functionality.

* Customized code pattern.