Are QR Codes Still Relevant?

QR codes are popularly known as Quick Response’ codes. And, with the fast-evolving of digital technology through different mediums, QR codes have become significantly important and useful. It saves time and energy. Within a short span of time, these QR codes link us directly to a website or to a specific page that we are seeking for. Hence, in today’s time, QR codes are still relevant to use!

What are QR codes?

QR codes are basically small square boxes in white and black color, which are encoded with text messages, website links, specific id numbers or URL’s to be precise.

How are QR codes used?

These QR codes are encoded with specific data. All you need is your smartphone with a working camera to scan the QR code box and decode the code that links you to your desired website, or to a specific URL. One can also download QR code scanner easily.

QR codes are used in many ways. They are used to open a specific link that is available on your smartphone to your desktop or system laptop and vice-versa. One just needs to quickly scan the code to open the desired link.

WhatsappDevelopers are nowadays building QR codes within the application, for quick scanning of the code, which makes the application user-friendly.

Developers like WhatsApp, Viber etc have QR code mention ed in their settings, so that the applications such as Video calls can be transferred from mobile to desktop or laptops by theuse of QR codes. They hardly take a fraction of seconds.

Apart from transferring of links, QR codes are useful in many different ways. With the growing trend nowadays, online products to are available with specific QR codes for each product so that the reader can get the detailed information of the product from the QR code.

QR codes in business industry

Many retailers today are displaying the advertisement of their products or services on televisions, billboards, hoardings etc with the specific mentioning and display of QR code image on the advertisement.

With the help of this, the travelers who initially just glance at the advertisement and later on when they find an interest for the product or the service available, they can quickly scan the QR code available on the advertisement and get the detail links of the website. This is another way of marketing.

Businesses are expanding the usage of the QR codes. These codes are used for an online ticket
booking, where one needs to save the QR code image and then display it at the counter while making the purchase of the ticket.


Many coupons have the QR codes on them which can be used in restaurants, for shopping and grabbing the specific discounts.

Hence, this is just the beginning of the usage of QR codes. As soon as the time passes by, many new ideas shall evolve to use QR code in a different manner. QR codes use the quick scan technology which is made user-friendly and relieving us from carrying a scanner.