Downsides to Using QR Codes


downsides-qr-codes_LilqrConsisting of systematically arranged patterns of squares, QR codes refer to quick response codes used by companies
to market their products that have become popular with all types of products ranging from clothing to food items. In order to use them, the user has to capture the image of the code using any device that has a camera after which the code is converted to another form such as the product’s website.

Downsides to using QR codes include:

The consumer has to perform an action to engage with your marketing content

Most consumers don’t usually like engaging in other activities in order to get the product you’re selling. With QR codes however, they have to capture the image with a camera before it’s converted and they are directed to another page. This process is tiring to most people who then just opt to ignore the code.

Not all consumers may know what a QR code is or how to engage with it.

Even with the advancement of technology, some people still prefer to engage in traditional ways of performing different activities including marketing. As such, most people are still not familiar with QR codes or in some cases they may be familiar with it but still choose to ignore it. This can limit your target market since only the younger generation will be able to use the code while the older generation will end up avoiding the product.

You need a QR reader installed

Other than the actual work of capturing the image, these codes need a device with a camera as well as an application that reads the code. While some people may find not afford these gadgets, others may simply be put off by the extra task of having to download and install an app.

A good number of customers will simply choose to ignore the code rather than go through all the trouble.

They have been overused recently in marketing and are no longer unique

Just like the unique qualities your product should have when you present to customers, your marketing strategy should also be unlike others in order to capture consumers’ attention. With QR codes however, the trend has become very popular to a point where it has lost it’s no longer appealing.

They hide information

Unlike other methods of marketing, a customer has to go through different processes to access the information stored within the code about the product. This is often discouraging to most people including those familiar with the quick reads.

Too much work for the manufacturer

Coming up with incentives to make the customers use the code could be monetary or can involve making offers, which can in turn lead to losses. This is more so when customers fail to use the code even after capitalizing on the offers.


Despite all the disadvantages, these codes have a bit of advantages such as their being easily traceable, which appeals to the marketer. However, their disadvantages outweigh the advantages in most cases making them unattractive marketing methods. Marketers who find them useful can still use them but they have to be very creative to get customers to use them.