How QR Codes Can Help Promote Your Blog

qr-code-blog_LilqrQR codes or Quick Response Codes are steadily making way into the market or our daily lives in general. With the advent of Smartphone, the undecipherable QR codes now can be easily scanned and read for any added information about a product. In the scope of strategic marketing, QR codes have endless possibilities that directly correlate to the strategic planning of how the promotion and the marketing will go about.

The importance of QR codes in the creative line of a blogger is doing its round as a handy and smart way of promotion. Technology has come a long way and it can now be incorporated into the physical elements of life for a greater purpose. Let us take you through the process of using a QR code for blogs and its requisite role in the promotion of the same.

Generating a QR code

QR code for the URL of a blog can be generated by free online tools.

Using and promoting the QR code

Since times immemorial, people have used brochures, leaflets and business cards as ways of circulating the word for the new business venture. But this a process long gone as the drawbacks like updating and financial funds became more and more conspicuous. The website is your canvas and you can change and control it any way you like. And it is for free.

Apart from virtual updates, statistical analysis of your QR code in terms of use can also be tracked. The offline proceedings of the QR code as a marketing device, if you may say so, is so much more convenient than conventional URL typing. The offline options are plenty.

Business Cards, posters and leaflets

Printing the QR code for blogs on the card or promotional leaflets will have all the information and contact details related to your website. Instead of crowding the small space on the cards with irrelevant information, a QR code will have everything that one needs to know about your blog!

At Events and Conferences

At a product event, QR codes on advertisements or tickets if possible can have you from a great audience. If the invite mentions your blog name, a QR code will help visitors enquire and learn about your blogs, thus helping in word circulation.


Real-time feedback for your blog can be tracked down with the use of QR codes.ยท


You as the owner of the website can redirect your readers through the QR code to an offer or a new blog post for that matter. Marketing ideas never go wrong when you put a value on your blog with something other than the usually expected content. The creative strategy is in your hands and QR codes help live the ultimate dream with little effort.

The collective significance of a QR code surpasses most business ideas. It is convenient and effective and provides full independence of changes to the owner. Now make your blog a success story by this simple adaptive technology!