How to Use QR Codes to Market your Startup at Events

This is a guest post by Paul Towers, the founder of the free task management application Task Pigeon. Paul is a self-taught marketer who has a deep interest in the intersection of the offline world, with online digital advertising, something that QR codes are perfectly suited to.

Quick Response Codes, often abbreviated to QR codes, are becoming more popular by the day. These are 2- D codes which if scanned by a smart phone’s camera can transfer information depending on the kind of code. Some direct users to a website, others deliver a vCard and some even make phone calls.

Why QR Codes Work at Events

QR codes for marketing at events image 2

If you are looking to advertise your new business, you should consider using QR codes particularly during events. Granted, it is a rather unconventional marketing tool. Most times however, novelty is all you need to get people to pay attention to your products.

Another reason why it is better to use QR codes is because of the sheer convenience they offer people. Who wouldn’t prefer to have the camera do all the work instead of keying in the company website name?

For marketing purposes, QR codes meant to direct people to your website or to forms leading to videos and other media are the best.

Here are a few interesting ways to catch the attention of people during events using QR codes:

Place QR Codes on Business Cards

Business cards are a must have for any startup. And there is no better place to place your QR card other than your business card.

Business cards are ideal because of their numbers. Every person you give the card is yet another person who is likely to interact with your content. In the long run, this will increase awareness of your brand considerably.

You should also have a call to action in addition to the QR codes. Ask people to scan it or to get back to you using the code. It will pay off eventually.

Place a QR Code Around your Stand

market using QR codes at trade shows

Another sure way to get people to interact with your content is to place the code on or around your stand. The advantage of having the code on the stand is that many people can access it with ease, and that will drive traffic to your site or make it easy for them to get your content.

Create Stickers with QR Codes

You want people to continue visiting your site or even viewing your content after the event, which is why stickers can come in real handy. They can serve as constant reminders for people to keep scanning the code which will drive engagement long after the event.

Create a Poster of QR Codes

It is important that each code leads to a different product demonstration to raise as much awareness about your brand as possible. Remember that as a startup, your success depends greatly on how much you can get people to notice and use your products, so use posters to achieve this goal.

Ask People to Use QR Codes to Submit Personal Information

Finally, if you want people to use QR codes more, ask them to submit their personal information through the codes. You may be surprised to learn that some are completely ignorant of the codes and how they work, while others may harbor misconceptions about them. There is no better way to clear the air than to have people use them.

QR codes are ideal for raising brand awareness and getting people to interact with your content. They are invaluable to any startup. Be sure to try them.