How To Use QR Codes To Promote Surveys

qr-code-promote-survey_LilqrA QR code is the abbreviation for a quick response code. A QR is typically a barcode that has two dimensions hence being a matrix code. The most initial use of the QR code was in the automotive industry in Japan for which the type of code was designed. There are four main modes that are used in the rudimentary QR code to store data in the most efficient way possible. These are numeric, alphanumeric, kanji as well as binary. Extensions may also be used in more advanced forms. The QR code then gained increased popularity globally because it could store more data as compared to the basic barcodes and was also faster to read as compared to the rudimentary UPC barcodes.

Benefits of using QR codes to promote surveys

The QR code is comprised of some black squares that are arranged in a grid that is square in shape. The background is white. The grid can be read easily by an imaging device such as a camera and it is processed with several types of applications that make sure it can be properly read and interpreted. The patterns, both vertical and horizontal, represent the data or the image to be portrayed. This is the property of these codes that makes them so effective in the promotion of surveys.

The current world is flooded with thousands of smartphone users and thus surveys can easily use this to their advantage. QR codes are easily scanned by the cameras on smartphones which then have apps that interpret the message and request for an immediate response. This is the reason why the QR codes are sometimes referred to as action codes.

The people undergoing the survey can make a response to the survey much easier and faster after scanning the code. If, for example, you have a website which has a survey you would like people to take, instead of offering the people a link to your website you can have them easily scan a QR code and give an immediate response. The response is much quicker making the QR code a more effective means of getting response from a survey.

Create a survey

The assumption is you already have a survey created on your website. Now you are required to place this same survey link to a QR code. To begin with, you need to find the URL from your website so that you can use it in tandem with your QR code. There are two main DIY survey programs that you can use with your survey. These are Google Forms as well as Survey Monkey. The means to create a survey is pretty straightforward.

In the case you have decided on SurveyMonkey, click on the Collect Responses pat of the page. As the collector type, select the Web Link option. You will then be given a link that you are to copy on your clipboard. In the event you subscribe to the use of Google Forms, in your survey page, click on the Send button. Select the link option and copy this link. The links that you copy in either page is to be used in the QR code that you will create for marketing purposes.

Create a QR code

In order to create a QR code for the survey you have created, go to the website In the first column, as your data type, select website URL. Into the box provided, paste the URL to your survey. After this step you may choose whether your QR is to be dynamic or static, you may also style the code if you are a paid subscriber. For a free user, the option that you have is to change the color of the foreground. After this, you should select the Download QR Code option so that you may download the finished code that you can then use in your marketing survey.


The codes that are made on the website, are completely unlimited in terms of time regardless of them being free to make. They are fully functional and thus ideal to get the tasks that you require done. You also have the option of subscribing as a user of QR codes. Making a subscription will give you unfettered access to QR codes and scans among other benefits. The subscriptions are as cheap as $11.95 per month. A trial version for 24 hours is a mere $3.45 so you can experience the full benefits of becoming a paid subscriber.