What Is A QR Code?

What is it’s used?

You have probably bought groceries and seen the cashier scan an item to get its price. Well, it works because each product has a code and that’s a shortcut to find the price of the item. It prevents the cashier to look up each item. Nowadays many shops and malls are using new kinds of codes on each and every item that are scan-able with camera phones or with a cashier scanner they create shortcuts to all kinds of information about the particular item. This is known as QR codes or Quick Responsive Codes.

In our online world, everything is linked together. You visit a website and click a link to visit another site, send a message, view a photo or download a video, a simple click makes everything possible.


On the other hand, our physical world is what you see walking down the street. The problem is nothing is clickable. You can’t click a URL on a container to see recipes or you can’t click a statue to read about it on Wikipedia. So you end up having to type in a link, take notes or just keep walking, but that’s starting change. You may have seen two-dimensional barcodes on the package of any products you buy or in a shop those are basically QR codes.

You can simply use your camera phone little like a cashier scanner. With a QR code reader app on your smartphone, you can decode the QR code by simply pointing your camera phone at these codes and it will immediately show useful information. Let’s say you are running errands and walk by a sign that says a new show coming soon and there’s a QR code, you can simply open your QR reader app then point your camera phone at the code and the app will automatically give you options, no links to remember no notes. With this awesome technology, the real world becomes clickable simply point your phone at the QR code and it will grab all the useful information which want to know.

What QR codes can be/are often used for?

QR code is an awesome is an awesome technology which has been put to use for day to day usage. This is a pretty cool and effective way to store information about a particular item in form of small 2D barcodes or QR codes. QR codes are used for the business purpose in several ways. It is an easy way to detect information about each and every product such as its price, discounts applied or not, etc. as well as it is also used to store company information on banners or visiting cards in form of OR codes.

QR codes can are often used for:

1. Product details
2. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter IDs
3. Contact details
4. Offer details
5. Link to YouTube videos
6. Event details
7. Competition details

In these ways, QR codes are mostly used. Now, this technology is not only used for business purpose but also in many other several fields too. Simply any information can be stored in form of QR codes and then it can easily be decoded by QR scanner.