What QR Codes Mean For Modern Businesses

In 1994, a Toyota subsidiary came up with two dimension quick response codes. The code was printed on a subject media and usually comprises of several squares in one big square.

The image patterns can be designed to hold a business’ ads and products, including URLs leading to the business website for more directives. Initially, QR codes were created for vehicle tracking in the manufacturing process. The technology has however proven to be an indispensable business tool.

1. Can Be Printed/Displayed On Almost Any Surface

The codes are in 2 dimension thus leaving endless print surface options. They will usually require a flat, smooth surface to avoid distortion of the QR codes. Also, the cover should not be shiny as it will affect the scanning of the QR code.

2. Creates A Way To Deliver An Online Customer Content From An Offline Marketing Campaign

Having to keep referring your clients to your website can prove quite tricky. They will miss some of the necessary characters in the URL code and keep reading errors in their searches.

QR codes marry online campaigns with offline marketing and fuse them into a seamless content marketing strategy. When a client is having a look at your product, they will just scan the QR code and get a direct application into your online campaign.

3. You Can Create Traceable QR Codes To Test Placement/Performance Of Different Campaigns

Once your goods are in the market, your clients will always look for ways to tell original products from counterfeits. Businesses today attach a QR code to their products. The buyer will just scan the product and get a direction to your website indicating the good is an original product.

The code will have the products specific details; model number, product name, factory of the manufacturer batch number and so on. ERP systems at manufacturing end will always hold on to these aspects of the product for tracking of the product in its distribution history.

4. They Can Pick The Interest Of A Potential Customer Who Then Engages With Your Campaign


In marketing, it is important to have customer feedback to direct the business future. Businesses will always ask clients to leave a review of their products alongside their contact details. Using a QR code keeps traffic of all your potential clients.

With their information, you will be able to send them newsletters and ads for your latest products. Your company can have QR code for the subscription for the company products.

5. Cost Efficiency

This is one of the most enticing benefits of QR codes. Print and video advertising of your business products could drive small business to its downfall during startup. This necessary part of the business can be achieved using QR codes.

The small square pattern has an infinite capacity for holding company data. Provided your business has a website, there will be no need to fret since the QR code will direct your clients right at your doorstep.

QR codes are the future of business marketing. They will offer all types of information to clients by a simple scan. As seen above, they are mainly advisable for a start-up business as they will eliminate costs incurred in advertising and tracking client needs.

Being in a world where all clients are using smart devices, what more marketing tools could a business need?